Handmade Ash Wood Panels, Prints & Digital Downloads

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Handmade, Off-The-Wall, Ash Panels

Prints can of course be ordered on their own (HERE) but I am now also offering prints pre-mounted on handmade, wooden panels made with solid ash surrounds and birch ply facing, which I make at home myself.

The main advantage of these panels is that there are no reflections between you and the image, the usual problem with a traditional frame's glass. The result is a picture that seems closer to you, has more impact and always feels much more part of the room. I currently have 13 on the walls at home and the fleet is steadily increasing!

The surface of the print is a very subtle sheen, thanks to Canon's beautiful luster paper. There are no reflections at all, and the natural beauty of the wood adds to the overall effect of the image. I find that even the smaller panels make more impact than an A3 image behind glass.

The surrounds of the panels are made from approximately 20mm x 32mm lengths of ash (the dimensions always vary slightly). The ash is sanded using 3 different grades of paper before oil and wax are applied to bring out the natural colour and grain, and give a soft shine to the wood. The facing of the panel is 6mm birch ply, which is also sanded and sealed to protect the back of the paper from any acids or humidity within the ply.

Prints are sprayed with a special UV seal, which adds a degree of waterproofing and protection against fingerprints, before being glued to the panel and rolled for a super flat finish. The panels come with D-rings and hanging wire already attached.

I offer two sizes: the smaller size is approximately 20cm x 30cm, so similar to A4 but in the original format of the image with no cropping. The larger size is approximately 27.3cm x 41cm so, again, similar to A3 but also in the original format of the image. Please be aware that the sizes are only approximate and can vary slightly due to the vagaries of working with wood.

The print is open to the elements and is best kept away from shaking wet dogs, spilt wine or sea spray (!), but otherwise it will last for years and can be dusted quite happily. Fingerprints do not show and can be wiped, thanks to the lacquer seal, but it is better to avoid touching the print directly where possible.

These beautiful, handmade panels offer a unique and timeless mount and are perfect for pictures of traditional boats or natural scenes. I know I get far more pleasure from my pictures mounted on these panels than when they are hiding behind the reflections of a glass frame.

Please see my collections pages for details of ordering and pricing HERE.

Print details:

I produce all my own prints, and use Canon Pro Luster Photo Paper on a Canon Pro 100s printer and genuine Canon inks. This is an excellent all-round paper that produces vibrant prints with beautiful colours. Everything from subtle misty tones to dramatic stormy skies is beautifully reproduced and the paper has a subtle sheen that is not reflective and yet still brings the image to life. As I print my own pictures, each image is carefully prepared for print by me and will only be sent out once I am happy.

Digital Downloads

I offer digital downloads for images in my event galleries. These are optimised for large-size screen viewing at 2048 pixels, they have no watermark and make great desktop screen backgrounds. They are also perfect for small prints and are optimised for just under 7 inches longest side, but can be printed up to a maximum of 10 inches longest side. Simply open an image, click on Buy Photo above the picture and scroll down for the digital download option. Once you have checked out you will receive an automatic E-mail when the download is ready. This is usually almost immediate. Please remember that it is courteous to mention the photographer if you post the image on a public site.